Shyun Song, through the straight and beautifully curved lines as well as the exacting colors in her paintings, asks thoughtfulness of her viewers. Among her defining titles, she offers words like "Liberation", "Hope", "Fury", and "Despair", all of which call for attention from serious viewers.  Ms. Song has placed thoughts and timely colors in her art with important and deep care.  

William Scharf

May 2014


Shyun Song has brought forth with artful and mathematical wisdom in both gentle and strongly formed shapes that inform her very thoughtful paintings. With her measured rules for light and her respect for color she importantly composes by plan and caring purpose paintings that truly inspire. Some of Ms. Song's canvases of tans, many grays and darks declare wonderful thoughts. We witness a most caring and accomplished artist who can call forth paintings with such titles as "Love", "Envy", "Greed", "Wrath", "Pride", "Humility" and the rise of the circle of "Joy".  

William Scharf

October 2012


While viewing the wondrous luminosity of Ms. Shyun Song's recent paintings, the thought quietly occurred that her vertical and horizontal abstract segments, while offering illusory distance and poetic wonderment, are skillfully reduced to an elemental importance of five, seven or six perfect tones behaving as processions of light up or down or expansively across her thoughtful worlds. BRAVO!  

William Scharf

April 2007


Shyun Song's paintings call gently to their viewers.

They are whispered abstractions, abstraction without description but, they fascinate as elegant syllables would in softly painted poems. She does not try to shock with frightful weather or brazened gestures, nor to beguile with the charm of flowers. Paint reaches her canvas as a rich mist of tints to play in melting air.

A possible vagueness of boundaries teases uncertainty, but the breathing colors that seem stained anew reward our attentions again and again.

William Scharf

May 2005


Shyun Song uses nature's basic, yet brilliant scenery in paintings that seek out existential truths. Her work depicts broad horizons, big skies, bodies of water, and landforms. She takes in an endlessly inspired collection of scenes and releases them onto her canvas in simple thin renderings that quickly freeze the moment in time and leave a painterly record of poetic process. She conveys the ethereal atmosphere of numinous land and time. Her scenes are placeless horizons into which the viewer may psychologically transcend. With clean flowing lines and slow shifting color, she conjures up meditative respites. Soft and sophisticated, her succinctly composed naturescapes color notions of reality. She suggests optimism and evangelizes the sublime. Through capturing what is beautiful in nature, yet at times shrouded in layers of atmospheric ambiguity, she shows that only a small amount of information is necessary to instill perceptual awe.

Van Stokes

October 2004